Delicious Red Bean Mochi

Red Bean Mochi

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100g glutinous rice flour
150g green tea
40g brown sugar
Sweet potato powder/ potato flour/ potato starch/ corn flour

Choice of Filling (1)
Red bean paste (see previous post)

Choice of Filling (2)
Equal amounts of peanut and sesame powder
Sugar to taste

Procedure (for mochi skin)

1. Mix the glutinous rice flour and brown sugar till even in a bowl

2. Add green tea and stir till smooth

3. Steam mixture at high heat for 10 minutes or until the mixture partially solidifies (soft but not liquidy)– when it looks like a dough

4. While steaming, shape the red bean paste into small balls. Also, mix the ingredients for filling (2) together

5. Remove the mixture– Careful! Its hot!

6. While waiting for the mixture to cool, sprinkle a clean surface with sweet potato powder

7. When mixture has cooled, sprinkle some sweet powder on the mixture

8. coat a large spoon with sweet potato powder and scrape the dough out of the bowl

9. turn the dough onto the clean coated surface and coat it with sweet potato powder

10. cut out the portions of dough you want and wrap it with desired filling

note: you may also choose to coat small balls of dough with filling (2) to make Chinese Muah Chee

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