YUMMY Yam Swirl Bread

As I walked towards school that faithful morning, the sweet, refreshing, lovely aroma of yeast-and-sugar-and-flour… oh…oh…that heavenly smell I wished I could bottle up to form some airspray (or sth similar)… swam into my nose, tempting me to inch my way into the old-school bakery. “Boss, your bread is so good! Please! Take me as … Continue reading

Banana bonzanza– Oat Bran Brownie-Bar

These brownies are… weelll… they don’t really taste like brownies, but they are very useful to satisfy a chocolate craving or a banana craving… while being EXTREMELY healthy at the same time. Texture: Chewy Taste: Sweet Health value: 4/5 (1 cup of sugar is ALOT… to me) Oat Bran Brownie-Bar adapted from “Secrets of Fat … Continue reading

Creamy Yogurt Cake

Its sour. Its sweet. Your taste palette may not find it agreeable. But if you like sourness and sweetness fused into a creamy clone of a yummy cheesecake (in looks and texture but not taste). A healthier alternative? Yes. It is, in fact, enough to satisfy my dreamy cheesecake fetish. My testers (mummy and I … Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Swirl Bread

I hate bananas. Period. Somehow, it has a smell and texture a little like durian, a slippery skin that is the culprit of accidental slip-and-falls (in our primary school textbooks) and yet… wears my favourite colour–yellow. But bananas in baked goods are just… heaven on earth, a Godsent invention. Taste, chew, swallow, savour… Banana makes … Continue reading

Banana Bonzanza- Custard Banana Minis

Custard Banana Minis Ingredients (Dough) Dough from Monkey bread 1  portion   (Topping) Skim milk 8 tbs Custard powder 2 tbs Brown sugar 1 tbs  – – Instructions: In a small bowl, mix all topping ingredients to form a smooth watery mixture. To test, lift some with a spoon and drip them into the bowl … Continue reading

Banana Bonzanza- Monkey-bread Makeover

I wonder if bananas do make people smart. I really hope so! Been making banana bread for the past few days. I hate eating bananas but love banana bread/muffins/cakes. Hey, I’m sure I ‘m not the only one! This banana bread was made with 100% risk of me having to polish them off myself… or … Continue reading

Homemade Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is super super super super expensive in Singapore, unless you are one of the >80,000 millionaires or their family members… Anyway, I discovered that WOW I can make my own… which tastes absolutely gross and disgusting (like those American school cafeteria food we see in movies) without any sugar or salt. I guess … Continue reading

Healthified Banana Coffee Cake with Cinnamon-Chocolate Chip Streusel

I’ve always wanted to bake something healthier but looks equally guilt- triggering. And after my post- exam horrors, its time to do some BAKING. I replaced the butter from Emiline’s recipe with 3/4 its amount of applesauce and an extra tablespoon of yogurt. Because of this, it lacks the buttery texture but I’m pleased to … Continue reading

Giant Wolfberry Cinnamon Roll

Wolfberries are like chinese raisins. But they are red, more sour, and less sweeter than raisins. My mum loves them, and my brother used to snack on them when he was younger. Nowadays, baking is my escape, from the horrible reality I’n stuck in, so that the frustrations of life won’t get into me. Running … Continue reading

Perfect-4-Breakfast Banana Bread

With yogurt, bananas, whole wheat, raisins/chocolate chips, what more can you ask from a perfectly nutritious breakfast? It even keeps well too– for about 5 days refrigerated. I’m having these for breakfast this week! The original recipe is from greenlightbites. Roni, the blogger, is incredibly good in giving recipes makeovers to make them healthy. I … Continue reading