Cinnamon Choco-raisin Bread (with plain bread dough)

It has been about a year since I’ve taught myself baking. From heart- wrenching chiffon cake disasters which ended up tasting like tapioca cake to horrifying bread that looked like plastic figures, I’ve just about seen them all. Anyway, before I can allow my writing skills to fail me, let the baking begin! 😀 – … Continue reading

Healthy Thin Crust Tuna Pizza

Who says pizza can’t taste good and be healthy at the same time? Obviously, that wasn’t me, and after reading this post, you wouldn’t be the one either. –  Healthy Thin Crust Tuna Pizza Ingredients (Pizza Dough)  Instant Yeast  2g ( ½ tsp)  Bread Flour 100g Cake  flour 100g Sugar 10g Salt ½ tsp Water … Continue reading

Banana bonanza– Chocolate Banana Custard Jam!

I LOVE CHOCOLATE BANANA JAM! I hate bananas. But I love bananas… … with chocolate Like most other mums, my mum has sort of a set of ‘beliefs’ that she parents by. Not rules, but kinda… just, well, beliefs. Anyway, among them is that smart kids become smart because they eat bananas and walnuts. And that … Continue reading


– I love baguettes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished 3/4 of one large one on the way home a couple of months ago. My brother loves baguettes. He finished 1 large baguette for tea break. My mom and dad love baguettes. They finished 1 gigantic baguette together. My family loves baguettes. We finished 4 baguettes in less than … Continue reading

Chocolate Irish Soda Scones

It is the only thing cinnamon cannot be dumped into. It is (one of) the only things you have to use real sugar in. Crusty, chewy, healthy. That just about sums up this irish soda scone. I sixth-ed a recipe for breakfast. Eat it yourself if you make it. Don’t give it to your friends/neighbours. … Continue reading

Meat… -free?

It all happened as I was skipping excitedly into the living room to catch yet another episode of Taiwanese drama “爱”. (Yeah I like watching my grandma’s favourite show) “QI TING! DON’T LOOK! WALK AWAY! COVER YOUR EYES!” “What? Why?” “Just… DON’T LOOK!” Too late. I approached just in time to watch a whining pig … Continue reading

Banana Bonzanza– Only Oatmeal Oatmuffins

Bread is a perfect breakfast good. But ‘perfect’ is not enough. What matters is ‘perfecting perfection’– quoting a wonderful Mr **** in my school. Perfecting perfection… with an amalgamation of oatmeal and muffins. Nutrition, health, low GI, low fat, fruity… I WANT MY BREAKFAST FOR DINNER. Give me 45 minutes, inclusive of baking time, and there … Continue reading

Disgustingly Delicious Coffee Bread

Guess what I’m here for today? Well, its all in good will to persuade you that this bitter-ish ugly looking coffee bread actually is the best thing that has come out of my oven since I started baking when I was 12. Its healthy… as usual. I may be a bit biased though… my favourite … Continue reading