Banana bonanza– Chocolate Banana Custard Jam!


I hate bananas.

But I love bananas…

… with chocolate

Like most other mums, my mum has sort of a set of ‘beliefs’ that she parents by. Not rules, but kinda… just, well, beliefs. Anyway, among them is that smart kids become smart because they eat bananas and walnuts. And that food not made in Singapore or Taiwan is bad for you, pasting stickers on your eyelids give you double eyelids, etc. But don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my mum! Every teeny weeny thing about her. She was so happy when I started this ‘banana bonanza’ thing. Thought it would make me smarter. I’m not sure if I’ve got an increase in IQ yet. I don’t think so.

I adapted Roni’s chocolate banana dipping sauce to make it into custard jam. This can be used as spreads on toast, fillings for bread, dips for soda biscuits (all of which I have tried and approved) and whatever you can think of.

Chocolate Banana Custard Jam

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Banana 1 medium
Cocoa powder 1 tbs
Sugar 2 tbs
Instant custard powder 2 tbs






1.      Peel off banana skin and bake banana in a preheated oven at 200°C for 5 minutes

2.      Mash the banana

3.      Add cocoa powder, sugar, custard powder and mix into the banana.

4.      Grab a spoon and eat it.

2 Responses to “Banana bonanza– Chocolate Banana Custard Jam!”
  1. Looks amazing! Just in time for thanksgiving! Have a great weekend!

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