Low`Fat Pineapple Tarts (not fat-free)

I never could have thought pineapple tartscould have been low fat… yet taste BETTER … whoa! My version of these delicious pineapple tarts not only taste better than the commercial ones but are also less artery- clogging and definitely more heart- friendly, with significantly less butter than the usual ones. This unfortunately also means that … Continue reading

14 Excuses to love/hate 14 February

A decade ago, I really loved Valentine’s Day. It was the time of the year when the brutal me could forcefully threaten an innocent brother to hand-make some presents to exchange with me. The silly guy loved the ‘game’ and was more than willing to participate. He cut out nice cards and wrote things like … Continue reading

A look at Singapore’s education System

A SPEECH Why co- curricular activities should not be mandatory and why using it as a prerequisite for university admission is plain crap Good morning everyone. Today, I am here to convince you that it is an absolutely wrong decision on MOE’s part to make co-curricular activities compulsory and a prerequisite for university admission. To … Continue reading

Fat- free Sweet Bread made possible

Within my three week getaway in Taiwan a month ago, I returned my English language skills to my teacher and started learning to read Traditional Chinese… the sacrifices I  make to bake! I read a couple of French dessert books, steamed buns and bread cookbooks and this is one of the recipes I got from … Continue reading

Rainbow Layered Sponge Cake

You  read the post title and you must have thought I was kidding. A rainbow cake? Fat-free? Seriously? Well, exquisite as the title may sounds, my Rainbow Layered Sponge Cake is not exquisite. Its rather simple with little frosting (which actually is just custard cream) and batter but it takes much patience and good technique. But the problem … Continue reading

I’m back with Mantou

I haven’t been here for a d**n long time. I was back in Taiwan, my FAVOURITE country of all time (not Singapore, of course) to visit my beloved relatives whom I’ve not seen in THREE YEARS.  God I miss them sooo much! Unlike most other Singaporeans who would have gone to Taipei visiting shopping centres … Continue reading