14 Excuses to love/hate 14 February

A decade ago, I really loved Valentine’s Day. It was the time of the year when the brutal me could forcefully threaten an innocent brother to hand-make some presents to exchange with me. The silly guy loved the ‘game’ and was more than willing to participate. He cut out nice cards and wrote things like “Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you Jiejie!” I told him  I loved them and lost them less than a week later.


Fast forward to present day and I’m spending my Valentine’s Day this year snooping around that same guy’s room for sweet-nothings scribbled across sheets of beautifully embossed paper from his ‘one-and-only’ – a girl who has taken a higher place in his heart.


To stop myself from continuing to commit vicious crimes such as the above, I hence forced myself to engage in critical analysis ( I’m really attentive in GP class), analyzing the good and bad of the 14 of February.


Reasons to love

1.      The best reason to get sick

“Hey doc, I need an MC. My heart problems usually relapse on 14 Februarys.”

2.       More pocket money.

“Daddy, it’s that time of the year again! I need more pocket money… to buy some presents… for myself…”


3.       Any day that comes with so much chocolate must be good for you.

Didn’t you know that dark chocolate is scientifically proven to be healthfully rich in antioxidants? That’s besides also being scientifically proven to make you fat of course.


4.       It is only once a year. Thank God!


5.       Boasting that “I skipped Valentine’s Day”

Hey, how many people can say that?


6.       The nerd (i.e. me) thinks, “The Valentine’s- themed Google logo is perfect for my Google-logo collection.”


Reasons to hate

1.       That creepy angel

What the hell is wrong with that big weird baby in pampers flying around trying to shoot people with his toy arrows? Even that fat man with red pyjamas and large sack trying to squeeze through a chimney sounds saner.


2.       Candy… hearts

It’s candy for Christmas, candy for Easter, candy for Chinese New Year. God, couldn’t that Saint Valentines guy be more creative? And heart-shaped?  How cheesy is that?!


3.       Bad poetry

Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and so are you!”

Excuse me while I puke.


4.       Gross Chocolate

Chocolate with almonds. Acceptable.

Chocolate with cornflakes. That’s fine… I guess.

Strawberry-flavoured chocolate. Thanks, but I really do prefer chocolate- flavoured chocolates.

Lemon flavoured chocolate. I said… chocolate- flavoured chocolates, did you hear me?!

Pineapple- flavoured chocolate. That’s enough!


5.       Mushy stuff I’m not supposed to hear

Listening to my brother whispering sweet-nothings to his girlfriend is simply weird.


6.       Paying extra for heart- shaped stuff… which I love… in black


7.       It’s supposed to be a holiday but is not.


8.       It happens every year. Oh no.


I hate Valentine’s day because its cheesy and silly. That’s my reason and I’m sticking to it.

P.S. It’s going to be over in 2 weeks! Hallelujah!

picture credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/playstationblog/3216575275/

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