Easy Tom Yum Porridge= a bowl of love

At age 8, I stared down at the table while my best friend showered me with eraser dust. 5 minutes later, I was standing in front of the mirror in the toilet weeping, staring at my tear-stained face, trying to get the eraser dust out of my hair. Later I locked myself in a cubicle … Continue reading

Coco-Cinnamon Streusal Banana Chocolate-chip Cake/Bread/Cupcakes

I like to think that baking is like cycling. The way I can lose myself in baking seems very much like the way I cycle on the streets of Taiwan. Like cycling, baking elevates my happiness and eases my pain. For a moment, the deep concentration, the focus, the freedom makes everything go away, like … Continue reading

Reminiscing about Daddy

I was eight years old, sitting in the study room, bent over a table of assignments, pencil scrawling out a word after another. It was 8pm (late for someone who’s supposed to asleep by 9). He walked in quietly, with heavy footsteps that went ‘thump… thump… thump’. His shadow casted over me and I sensed … Continue reading

Vegan Chillimato Stew(?)

There’s going to very little of me in the blogosphere this year. Though I really do love baking, there’s really something more important called studying. I don’t particularly enjoy studying but I guess if you have a dream, the only way to achieve it in this meritocratic society is good results and a damn good … Continue reading

Pancake Hearts (for a fat-free Valentine)

I was just looking for a super quick breakfast that was both nutritious and looks and tastes delicious. Something that I love. – In the form of these delicious pancakes. – – –   – yeah I’m a fan of President Obama – Healthy Apple/Banana Pancakes Adapted from Green Light Bites SERVES 1 (for a … Continue reading

MORE low-fat Pineapple Tarts please!

– – – – 70 tarts down!