Brain Food= What your Brain hungers for

[Picture credit: – – I have decided that I’m going to start a series of posts here to collate wonderful, healthful, amazing discoveries made by scientists, doctors, nutritionists and dietitians even, about food. Basically the goodness of certain food. First post in this series is obviously ‘Brain food’, since this year is my ‘A’ level … Continue reading

Mini Coffee Sugar buns

. Mini Coffee Sugar buns (fat free of course) – Ingredients: 70g bread flour 30g cake flour 60g wholewheat flour 30g sugar 3g yeast 2g salt 1 tsp instant coffee granules 1/2 egg 90-100ml warm water Method Mix the dry ingredients together. Add the wet ingredients and knead into an elastic dough that passes the … Continue reading

Single Serving Yeasted Chocolate Cornmeal WW Pancakes

What? Another post? – Yes. Beacause I’ll be on hiatus until next Friday. I’m having my March Common Tests you see… – I made these for brunch today! Mini Chocolate Cornmeal Whole Wheat pancakes enough to satisfy a furious chocolate craving. – – You’ll love it. – Because just like everyone else, – You love … Continue reading

1 Ingredient Chocolate Ice- Cream

Do you like chocolate? – – You don’t have to answer. – I know you do. – Liking chocolate isn’t subjective. Its an innate part of human nature. It’s a natural desire. – It’s a food group on its own. – Right below carbohydrate like rice in the food pyramid, where the nutritionists don’t bother … Continue reading

The best memories– that make me go wordless

My favourite place on Earth     Can you guess where this is?

Fat- free Curry “Potato Wedges”

Is potato a vegetable? – – I seriously have no idea. Its starchy. Vegetables are supposed to have tons of fibre… – Just came back from watching the class of 2010 getting their A level results and it felt so so weird. Imagine. Just that month of you life that you spent taking your A … Continue reading