Fat- free Curry “Potato Wedges”

Is potato a vegetable?

I seriously have no idea. Its starchy. Vegetables are supposed to have tons of fibre…

Just came back from watching the class of 2010 getting their A level results and it felt so so weird. Imagine. Just that month of you life that you spent taking your A levels determining your entire future! What you’ll spend the rest of your life doing… spending the remainder of your life praying that inflation will stop occuring at breakneck speed, for food prices to please stop rising, worrying for today and tomorrow… or on the other hand, being able to indulge in Starbucks coffee every day, driving a sleek topless car, frequenting restaurants for your every meal. Weird huh? That’s gonna be me next year. Urghh.

Anyway, we had this bag of potatoes from a week ago hanging in the kitchen waiting to be cooked and my mum cut them up and boiled them for who knows who. Obviously I was not going to eat plain boiled potatoes and was not going to let any of my family members eat plain boiled potatoes so I dunked in some curry powder and milk, cooked them for a while, sieved them out onto a tray, sprinkled some salt and baked them at 220 degrees celcius for 35 minutes.

They tasted really really good. Even better than the usual deep fried ones. Yum! Try them too some time!


3 medium potatoes

1 tbsp curry powder

a dash of milk

salt to taste


One Response to “Fat- free Curry “Potato Wedges””
  1. Danielle Marie @ www.DeliciousExistence.com says:

    Ooooooh! Loves me some curry!

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