Facarons (Delicious low sugar, feetless macarons)

Guess what happened to my egg whites?

I made macarons.
And failed.

But I’m happy because I know why it went wrong. Stupid me forgot to do the 30 seconds test until after I overmixed the batter. Grrr… And the scoop flattened out in 10 seconds. Not good! That accounts for the cracks and feetless stature of my dear facarons (failed but delicious macarons)

Or maybe it was because I halved the sugar? 200g of sugar for 70g of almond powder and 55g of egg whites? That’s just… scary. I couldn’t bring myself to do that (need to get over my whimpy self).

The first batch was a delicious horror. Ugly looking things that don’t look a speck like the real thing (undermixed the batter by A LOT).

My second batch was better. I prayed before I made it and promised God I would study. I ran around my kitchen rejoicing. Showed it off to my mum and ran back to my kitchen  rejoicing (not while carrying the facarons though– that’s suicide).

Making macarons is, if I may say, a good baking project for someone who just needs a short (I really mean short) break from academics. For one, it doesn’t require much attention. The sifting can  be done with eyes closed (I did my sifting while demystifying the first few pages my new horror of horrors– Diversity and Evolution, not that I believe in evolution, that’s just disgusting), beating of egg whites and piping taking altogether not more than 20 minutes (Max!) and the rest of the time I spent… waiting for the things to develop a shell and bake (i.e. doing some studying and dinner)…

Stop staring at my… err… Facarons (lousy tasty failed macarons) I know they don’t have feet! But they are still gorgeous and delicious mind you! With my homemade red bean paste and half the amount of sugar (maybe that’s why it failed), they are soo soooo good!

I wanted to give them to my friends but the boss (my mum) said her colleagues were more important because “you’re not going to see your friends anyway after you graduate”. Thanks mum, for your wonderful blessings (this is sarcasm, by the way).

I’m going to STUDY!!!! YAY YAY! I need something else to look forward to so that I can keep my head in the books (or out. Its easier to read that way)

Church on saturday.
and macarons again next Monday.

Ready set go!


Recipe ingredients for the sake of recording:

60g egg whites

70g almond powder mixed with sesame and peanut powder and 1 tsp matcha

65g icing sugar

45 g caster sugar

Sesame seeds for sprinkling

6 Responses to “Facarons (Delicious low sugar, feetless macarons)”
  1. Yingchao says:

    They look great! I’ve tried making them many many times and still yet to have a consistent result. Failed 80% of the time. Will try again when I recover from my failure trauma. 🙂

  2. Patty says:

    These sound delicious! Thanks for sharing : )

  3. Sheena says:

    I still haven’t reached macaron success, but luckily every batch has tasted fine, so no wastages. I love the green colour on yours, and this healthier version sounds very satisfying. Good luck on future trials 🙂 Love the name you’ve given them too!

  4. Angela says:

    Even without feet your macarons look great! Macarons are temperamental little divas. Everything must be “just so” for them to develop the highly coveted “feet”. I’ve failed many times, but there is no greater satisfaction than when I succeed. Even if its just to gloat…

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