Single Serving Fat-free Fudgy-centred Mini-Choco-Cupcakes (Gluten-free & Vegan)

. Single Serving Fat-free Fudgy-centred Mini-Choco-Cupcakes (Gluten-free)… What a mouthful! But that basically summarises what the above is. Its a cross between a fudge cake, a molten lava cake and a cupcake! . A lovely thing which is part of my list of 5 Ways to Eat Low Calorie Choco-Cookie-Dough Spread : 1. EAT FROM JAR! … Continue reading

Dairy- free Hot Chocolate

You’re looking at my daily dose of chocolate (though I’ve broken that cup 😦 ) Its a cup of Dairy- free Hot Chocolate. Soya Hot Chocolate to be exact. Soya makes everything better– no more cow’s milk for me! – – . Non-Dairy Hot Chocolate No. of servings: 1 . . Ingredients 300ml non-dairy milk … Continue reading

Low Calorie Choco-Cookie-Dough Spread

– Pancake batter? – – Wait…Cake batter? – – No? Then it must be Chocolate cake batter! – – Ah HA! I know I know! Cookie dough?! – Its… COOKIE DOUGH SPREAD…!!!! oh well… CHOCOLATE Cookie Dough Spread… – – Lol. I’m starting to sound like a commercial. . . Cookie Dough Spread No. of … Continue reading

Fat-Free Banana Recipe Carnival

I have about 500 recipes in my favourites. Oh no. Time to get organised. I suggest a recipe carnival, or rather recipe carnivals Let’s start with bananas… Here we go… – – Muffins – Banana Bread for One by Chocolate Covered Katie  – Double Chocolate Banana Muffins by Portuguese Girl Cooks – Banana. Milk. Honey. Muffins by Everyday … Continue reading

Low Sugar Coffee- Choco Facarons– yeah, again

HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY! – How about surprising your mum with some heart- shaped pancakes? – – It wasn’t happy at all at my place. Dad went crazy all over the Singapore General elections and got himself an hour of lecture (i.e. scolding) from my mum for caring more about politics than our family. (You can’t … Continue reading