99% Fat-Free Wholegrain (Singaporean) Chicken Rice (with Vegan option)

Hi MUFFINS! Been really busy with studying (and recovering from studying) these few days. In between the fun, I tried to relax, granting myself some baking/cooking therapy (more cooking and flipping pancakes than baking). And then, back to the business of cellulose, acetylcholine, synapses, 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine, vectors, recurrence and so on.

Fun? Try the opposite. 😦


Real fun awaits!

In 6 months’ time any way.

Anyhoowww… you must be getting sick of my Low Calorie Choco-Cookie-Dough Spread

WAIT!! Who gets sick of Low Calorie Choco-Cookie-Dough Spread? That’s impossible. That’s insane.

But just in case… the offer today is some really delicious Chicken Rice, Singapore style. Its supposed to be unhealthy. But of course I had to healthify it. Somehow.

Somehow it must have more than 90% wholegrains. Somehow it cannot include chicken fat. Somehow it must be quick and take me a maximum of 10 minutes. Somehow it must taste almost exactly like the real thing (but with the wholegrain texture I love)

Somehow that was supposed to be possible.


And of course… it was.

Or I wouldn’t be writing this post (duh!)

Amazed? My mum sure was. She was rather taken back by the fragrance floating out of the kitchen, and so was I.

Deliciousness. For your health. And mine. 😀

99% Fat-Free Wholegrain (Singaporean) Chicken Rice (with Vegan option)


2 cups brown rice

1/3 cup glutinous rice (can be replaced with regular white rice)

4 1/4 cups chicken broth or mushroom/vegetarian broth for vegan option!

6 pandan leaves [also called screwpine leaves]

1/2 tsp salt

5 cloves sliced garlic

Sliced 10 cm ginger

I used this brand of chicken broth:

Method 1: using rice cooker

Thoroughly rinse the rice till water runs clear. Drain thoroughly.

Add all ingredients into rice cooker and cook!

Method 2: without using rice cooker (instructions adapted from http://www.malaysianfood.net/recipes/recipehainanchicken.htm )

Thoroughly rinse the rice till water runs clear. Drain thoroughly.

Add rice to a pot, garlic, ginger, then add broth, salt, pandan leaves in the above order

Bring to a boil, reduce heat, simmer uncovered, until the broth is absorbed by the rice

Reduce heat to very low, cover the rice with a tight-fitting lid, cook for a further 10-12 mins

Turn off heat, DO NOT open the cover, wait for 10 mins before opening [steam inside will gently finish steaming the rice]

Fluff up the rice with a fork [If rice is not fully cooked, simply add a little broth, cover and steam on very low heat for another 5 mins or so]

Next up: Single Serving Fluffy 100% Wholewheat Mocha-Choco-Muffin Pancakes (Fat-free and vegan)

By the way, what’s your staple of choice? 😀

(i.e. Bread, potatoes, rice, … )

Mine’s bread!

6 Responses to “99% Fat-Free Wholegrain (Singaporean) Chicken Rice (with Vegan option)”
  1. Iris says:

    Looks delicious! Fun to hear we have the same birthday. 🙂 I guess the cake challenge is for both of us!

  2. Tricia says:

    Yum! i absolutely love new ways to make rice 🙂

  3. sarahsue says:

    ahaha! : ) You’ve been studying A levels biology, physics and chemistry : D Is that correct?! : D

    • qiting93 says:

      Lol. Not physics though. But you are close! 😀 haha. I take bio, chem, math and China studies in english 😀

      • sarahsue says:

        ahh! : ) Oh yea, recurrence is math not physics! : D lol. My bad. : ) Oh well, have a blessed week – taking my alevels now : D Oh yes, awesome blog – from your fellow southeast asian friend – Malaysia. : D

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