MY Dream List– just for fun!

I saw Emma’s Dream List and wanted one too!!! I’m a copycat. But its okay… right? … Thanks Emma for the inspiration! 🙂 – My brother, daddy and I are now a threesome. For a week. We began our first day as a threesome waking up at noon and having lunch at McDonald’s. The lady of the house would have killed us if she were here.(Okay, its an overstatement. Its more like a 2 hour lecture. If we do manage to survive it) Which is precisely why we did it today. The lady of the house (my beautiful mummy– NOT being sarcastic. Daddy said he married her for her beauty) just left for Beijing last night (at midnight) for an educational trip. She was feeling a little under the weather. Okay. Alot. The slight fever, sore throat and headache in such a combination is pretty bad. Hope she’s feeling better now!! I tried to convince her to buy me the “65 degrees C” baking book and some sugar-free non- minty chewing gum. Didn’t work too much. She did say she would buy me some undergarments. Not too excited about that.

Anyway, the dream list comes in lieu with my birthday that’s coming up soon but totally not going to be a celebration because I’m having a test on that day… for the fourthstraight year. So that sort of guarantees me the right to dream right? Instead of having the real thing. I’ll buy myself a giant gift! Just to make up for it.  Still deciding… Any suggestions? I need someting practical.


DISCLAIMER:  this is just for fun. I’ll probably never get/do some of these things.

PART 1: Real dreams. Like the real ‘dream’ kind of dreams if you know what I mean. If you don’t, read on and you’ll probably understand.

1. Bungee Jumping


2. Straight As for my ‘A’ levels

If that’s even possible…

On a side note, I should be studying now.


3. To have my own sucessful ________ someday.

Sorry. I can’t fill in the blank right now. I’m too embarassed to publicly reveal it here. This has been my dream since I was 12.

When my father first heard of it, he laughed till his faced reddened because he thought it was impossible. I glared at him for about 5 minutes (couldn’t do it longer. My eyes hurt). My mum told me to stop dreaming and do my homework. Parents!


4.  To be somebody who can donate a few thousand dollars to church/charity at one go (not once but often) instead of a measly $5 from my pocket money.

Not necessarily a millionaire. But just good enough to do this (the above).

5. To do all the baking experiments I want and conjure terrific delicious fat free desserts.

Not = writing a cookbook

Currently there’s a lot of limitations to this. i.e. lack of equipment and ingredients and time and $$

It’ll feel like a dream to be able to do this!

PART II: Dreams that are possibly possible.

6. My own kitchen aid mixer… in YELLOW!!! 😀

I’ll get it when I get my first paycheck… in about 5 years time? Hopefully.

(update: Above dream STALLED till my new Borsch mixer passes!!! Yep, its been so great I’ve been sorta thinking not to get the KitchenAid anymore. “Sorta” because a WHITE Borsch  mixer can NEVER EVER beat a beautiful YELLOW anything :D)

To replace this no.6, I have a NEW dream (okay…it does seem that I’ve been tooooo busy dreaming about dreams)

Here it is!

YES!!! A Vitamix!!! Actually, any model would do. If only it comes in yellow… But I guess paint would work 😀

7. Defatted Peanut flour & Hershley’s Special Dark Cocoa powder

Currently not available in Singapore, as far as I know…



Update: Fulfilled via iHerb!

8. The Following Non-Stick Baking Pans!

Muffin- top pan! My favourite part of the muffin!!!

Donut pan! For healthier donuts!

Update: Fulfilled, I bought for $6

Mini-muffin pan!

Update: Fulfilled, I bought for $6

A cookie sheet!

Don’t know what’s this but I WANT IT!


9. More baking books/ books about the science behind baking in simplified terms

10. MOST IMPORTANTLY: For my family to be safe, healthy, happy FOREVER under God.


Do you have dreams that you don’t want anyone to know or are too embarassed to tell?

Have you fulfilled any dreams? 😀

What are your dreams? 🙂

9 Responses to “MY Dream List– just for fun!”
  1. LOVE your dream list girl!! I want Peanut Flour soooo bad too! And I love that last one- so sweet! I am SO with you there 🙂

    GOOD LUCK with your A Levels girl (I know you’ll get those As!!) and have an AMAZING day! ❤

  2. ditto wat emma said…great dream list girl!!! (PS- copying is the greatest form of flattery, remember? hehe)

    good luck in making all those dreams a reality, but i wish you’d told us wat that number 3 was! don’t be afraid of what ANYONE else says or thinks…believe in your dreams and have the guts to follow them. 🙂

    oh, and yellow mixers would make any kitchen look so much cooler! 😉

    • qiting93 says:

      Thanks for the good luck and encouragment! 😀 Your comments brightened up my day! I agree that I do need some confidence and courage! Need to work on that.
      and YESSS Yellow mixers will brighten up any kitchen and make it totally cool! 😀 haha

  3. Steph says:

    To have my own successful ________ someday.

    If you ask me I would say bakery 😀 specializing in pastries. Because I love sweets and I can’t imagine anything more fun than baking all day!

    • qiting93 says:

      That’s actually what I meant too (but the bakery would be say 50% like a cafe, but selling healthier alternatives to ordinary desserts)! When I wrote this post, my parents were completely unsupportive (not a word) of the dream. I totally share how you feel!! There’s nothing better than doing something one loves for the rest of his/her life. Tiredness? Boredom? No such thing exists if I can do what I love forever! You wrote it perfectly. 😀

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