Brown Sugar Caramelized Nuts (low sugar)

– My A levels are coomming! And I’m really really scared! 😦 Will blog really little for the next 5 months. Sorry! (To this blog, to me and to YOU who like to read me) – . Brown Sugar Caramelized Nuts No. of servings: 8 . . Ingredients 50g brown sugar 125g almonds/walnuts/cashew nuts 1 tbsp sesame … Continue reading

Guilt-free Tangzhong Choco-Cinnamon buns (with vegan option)

I got chased by a cat today…a cat… a freakin’ cat! It started with a plan to run. (Okay, that’s an overstatement– I really mean ‘jog’). I was jogging on this pavement and a cat literally jumped out of nowhere right at me! My immediate reaction was to give it a cold hard glare hey cat … Continue reading

Fat-Free Raw Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Bites

Who’s that dirty girl? What’s up with those wrappers… strewn all across your table while you’re studying??!! Weell… Chocolate-Covered-Katie happened. – WAIT! Before you begin, you have to make your own oat flour. Because you want bits and pieces of oats here and there to chew on. Yum. – Blend your oats in a blender! … Continue reading

Chocolate Recipe Carnival

image from:  – – Brownies – Fat-free Brownies by Holy Cow Vegan Recipes – Vegan Black Bean Brownie Bites by My Little Celebration   – Fudge Daddies by Chocolate Covered Katie – – Cupcakes/Muffins – Little Devil Cupcakes by Chocolate Covered Katie – Chocolate Mud Muffins by Snacking Squirrel – Fudgy Chocolate Cupcakes by Steph Chows – Mariska’s Joyful … Continue reading

(Almost Fatfree) Wholewheat Choco-nana Custard Cocoa Buns

I’m down with a high fever coupled with flu for the first time in 4 years. This sucks. Can’t concentrate enough do homework so I just have to sleep the pain away. 😦 Maybe a silly bear can cheer me up? 😀 And some cocoa buns too as well… . . Whole Wheat Cocoa Buns … Continue reading

(Almost Fat free) Wholemeal Matcha Chocolate Buns

These buns stay soft for 2 days! Don’t refrigerate them. Don’t over-proof them during the second rise. Won’t say anything else. I think I caught a virus. (A real one, not computer one). Feeling sick 😦 I followed Christine‘s recipe for Japanese Green Tea Bread but tweaked it to make it wholemeal and dual coloured. … Continue reading

Fat free Milk-Coffee-Buns (with vegan option)

– When feeling sad or fed-up, some just sleep on it. Some watch sappy movies. Some do homework (WAIT. Seriously, who does that?!!!) Others… like me… BAKE. I bake bread. While watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Today I baked Milk-coffee-buns. And I can’t fall asleep now though its 2 am. I’m no coffee drinker … Continue reading

Low Fat Chocolate Layered Cake– My first experience with frosting

– Have you ever seen a rabbit watching TV? A rabbit pencil box?  Yep, she’s super cute and kept my mum laughing for a whole 5 minutes because she looked so focused on the TV show. – I made a cake! For my mum’s gathering with her friends. Its a chocolate layer cake. An ugly chocolate … Continue reading