Low Fat Chocolate Layered Cake– My first experience with frosting

Have you ever seen a rabbit watching TV? A rabbit pencil box? 

Yep, she’s super cute and kept my mum laughing for a whole 5 minutes because she looked so focused on the TV show.

I made a cake! For my mum’s gathering with her friends. Its a chocolate layer cake.

An ugly chocolate layer cake. It looks old- fashioned, not in a vintage way (that’ll be pretty cool) but this is the ugliest cake I’ve ever seen in my life. My first attempt with frosting– not so good.

On the bright side, its really rich and the layers visually obvious and the filling deliciously thick and creamy. YUM. My mum said her friends said it tasted really good. I hope she was being honest, not just nice!

Best of all, no oil/margarine/butter/shortening needed.

Low Fat Chocolate Layer Cake

Final product

This is such an eyesore. ugly.

I will do better next time! 😀

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9 Responses to “Low Fat Chocolate Layered Cake– My first experience with frosting”
  1. Are you kidding? That looks amazing! Trust me, the last time i tried decorating the cake, I had a bloody unicorn on it, a random star in the corner, some sort of fairy and then i just covered it in sprinkles like a five-year-old. Not to mention, i let my friends decorate it with two dragons, the eiffel tower, and a giant YAY across the entire cake. It was gourmet 😉

  2. holy flip…are u joking?!?! that cake is beautiful!! the detailing is exquisite and i luv it. gotta stop being so critical of urself…but i’m the same way, perfectionist no? hehe. but i kno it’s tough always trying something new for the first time. no matter what u’ll only improve…gotta have a starting point! can’t wait to see more and i BET that cake is insanely tasty.

    okay, and have to say it, that buny is way too cute! 🙂

  3. That cake looks delicious! I love the chocolate swirls 🙂

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