What I Ate on Wednesday (2) WIAW

I should be getting use to this. A total of 10 years waking up to shouting (lady of the house) and frustrated sighs (dad), the fear it always arouses… 10 years. Yep. I should have  gotten used to this. A few years ago, I refused to get out of my room because of it. Door … Continue reading

Chocolate Yogurt Ice-Cream (No ice-cream maker, vegan and guilt-free)

– – Have you ever thought about making your own ice cream? I didn’t. Until I did. And it was absolutely divine. – – Here’s the recipe… With a Vegan version. – . Chocolate Yogurt Ice-Cream No. of servings: 6 big ones . . Ingredients Non-Vegan 300g Thick&Creamy Vanilla Yogurt 1/4 cup evaporated milk 1/4 … Continue reading

What I Ate On Wednesday (1) WIAW

Guys, I’m desperate! I need some kind of portable sugar free lunch that won’t give me a sugar high… Feeling like running around singing silly tunes like ‘a bang,bang, bangity–bang, a bang bang bangity–bang‘ (thanks, annoying Marshall and Barney from HIMYM) during a solemn GP lesson, made tense by an angry teacher, is neither ideal nor in any way cool. On the other … Continue reading

Choices and an Update

A couple months ago, we had a GP (general paper) lesson about choices. In the 21st century we have tons of things we can choose from. We suggested examples. My friends suggested movies, music, books, stationery brands etc. And well… food. Do you find yourself reaching for the same bowl of noodles everyday? Do you find … Continue reading

Thai Fried Instant Noodles (no oil and vegan)

Remember my eraser? – – I took some pictures of it while crashing my brother’s room. Below: Me and my bro when I was 6. My brother was a sucker for superheroes… still is at 16. He went through a ‘Powerpuff Girls’ phase, a ‘Popeye’ phase (which used up tons of spinach… literally), a ‘Batman’ … Continue reading