What I Ate On Wednesday (1) WIAW

Guys, I’m desperate!

I need some kind of portable sugar free lunch that won’t give me a sugar high… Feeling like running around singing silly tunes like ‘a bang,bangbangitybang, a bang bang bangitybang‘ (thanks, annoying Marshall and Barney from HIMYM) during a solemn GP lesson, made tense by an angry teacher, is neither ideal nor in any way coolOn the other hand, unknowingly tuning in and out of tutorials and lectures for some-weird-reason (I don’t know what) is no way better.

Enough of my school woes. Let’s get to the actual purpose of this post! This is my VERY FIRST time joining WIAW! I’ve seen many other bloggers do this before but never knew how to join until I found the organiser, Jennifer of Peas and Crayons, through Katie of Nutrition in a Peanut Shell.

So, here’s what I ate on Wednesday i.e. today. Have fun. Shoot, feast, post… Only on Wednesdays :D


1: Blueberry Wholewheat bun from DayPlus bread, 2: Non-fat Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt
3: Briyani-Flavoured Instant Noodles with vegetarian ham & cabbage (adapted from here), 4: Half a Sugar Plaited Loaf  (yeah I know… But in my defense, it was delicious!), 5: Katie’s  Starbucks Frappuccino Fudgsicles.(not in picture: 2 small red bean buns… because I felt like it)-

On a side note, the toilets in my home are undergoing major makeover and sanitation in my home is… let’s just say… ‘not-at-its-best’. Have a peep at our 1m x1m mini-toilet which my dad can barely fit into!

temporary toilet at home!

Basically, it has only adequate space for us to twist and turn around… and round– on the same spot– or just step onto/into (EEWW!) the toilet bowl. How fun! –NOT! I took some pictures to allow me to, in some time in the future, appreciate the beautiful, clean toilet we have (this ‘appreciation’ thing is already working! School toilets are totally my thing now. But not for long! YAY!)

PS: I think I’m getting weird… For the past 18 years of my life I’ve only every loved chocolate or coffee ice cream but I’m suddenly craving plain old vanilla. Oh no. Oh no.

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