What I Ate on Wednesday (2) WIAW

I should be getting use to this.

A total of 10 years waking up to shouting (lady of the house) and frustrated sighs (dad), the fear it always arouses… 10 years. Yep. I should have  gotten used to this.

A few years ago, I refused to get out of my room because of it. Door locked tightly. Heavy chair against the door.

The doorknob got destroyed.

6 years later, I’ve got a new doorknob. And, yes, I’m locking it again.

This WIAW was done in PI-like secretiveness. With the war brewing outside, you never know what little thing you do would get you spun into the fierce (one-sided) tongue-slashing possibly triggered by an absolutely stupid biological phenomenon called menopause.

Oh well.

(breakfast: healthy wholesome chocolate ganache in a bowl + 2 chocolate squares, lunch: Briyani- flavoured Instant Noodles with a vegan sausage accompanied by a Skinny Dark Fudgesicle (recipe soon), Dinner + snack: 4 slices thin wholewheat bread and 3 tbsp chunky peanut butter because we ran out of kaya :-()

If my home were a ‘country’, my mum (lady of the house) would be the Prime Minister, my dad assigned  Nominated Member of Parliament (because that’s the highest position the Prime Minister is willing to give), me and my brother would be err… citizens. There’s no president, because, well, presidents in Singapore have no power. So.

Till next time.

7 Responses to “What I Ate on Wednesday (2) WIAW”
  1. Interesting. I’m into fat free baking, perhaps I’ll peruse your blog.

  2. awww, i’m sorry to hear that the world war menopause monthly edition is wrecking havoc on ur home. tread carefully, perhaps invest in some earplugs, and keep chowing on yummy food as distractions!! stand brave fierce warrior. 😉

  3. caloricandcrazy says:

    Your WIAW looks delicious 😉

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