An Experiment: Low Fat (Vegan) 3-Layer Cookie Dough Bars

What would Gordon Ramsay say?

My brother loves Gorden Ramsay. He’s cool. Like a chef version of Simon Cowell, but nicer. And really cute sometimes. 🙂

I made these bars today as an experiment to get perfect cookie dough bars. These are not perfect.
I’ll continue experimenting after my exams. I always bake after a series of exams. Remember this? and this?

Here’s a diagnosis.

What went wrong?
1. cookie cake layer is too dense (flour+ leavenershould be added) because I made it gluten free
2. cookie crust layer should be baked before all other layers are added

What I learnt (from other peoples’ experiences):

1. Never use fat-free cream cheese
2. Grease the pan!!!
3. Use real butter

What I want to ask Gordon Ramsay?

1. how do you make sure all layers are cooked when all 3 have different baking times?
2. You’re a chef. But, does that make you a pastry chef too?… Can you make macarons and layer cakes? Update: I checked! Apparently, he can!

Layers: (from top to bottom)

1. cocoa cheesecake

2. cookie cake

3. cookie crust

Monster Version, suggested by my mum, drenched in chocolate syrup from here, and with pink sugar beads leftover from my layer cake.

I have to say though, that while it wasn’t good enough, it was pretty tasty! 😀 😀

7 Responses to “An Experiment: Low Fat (Vegan) 3-Layer Cookie Dough Bars”
  1. survivingcandyland says:

    It looks extremely tasty. You can’t tell at all that it isn’t good enough.

  2. mixxedtape says:

    It look really good already, so decadent!!

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