Single Serving 100% Peanut Cookies (Vegan & Gluten Free)

. .. . . 100% Peanut Cookies No. of servings: 1 = 4 smaller cookies or 1 gigantic cookie . . Ingredients 35g raw deskinned peanuts 2 tsp pure maple syrup/ agave syrup 1 tsp soy creamer/low fat condensed milk (OR add 1 more tsp of pure maple syrup/ agave syrup and an optional 2 tsp … Continue reading

What I Ate on Wednesday (9) WIAW

Sometimes, a picture does say a million words. I’m not feeling too good today. So, let’s let the pictures speak. . . . . . . . Not in pictures: a handful of red globe grapes, a couple of chips and 3 peanut creme Oreos . I finally got these for a reasonable price! They were … Continue reading

A Guest Post @ Lactose Free Lizzie

Updated my ‘About’ page! Do check it out! 😀 . Hi guys! Just a short post to let you know that I’m guest posting at Lizzie‘s today! What to expect: 3 words– Fresh. Pumpkin. Puree. In less than 15 minutes hands-on time. And me telling you what some of my favourite recipes on my site are. … Continue reading

What I Ate On Wednesday (8) WIAW

. I’m soo busy these days! In between my (very boring) studying, I fuse (and eat) leftovers from the weekend (cooked by my mum) into new dishes. And make dinner for my bro who now blogs at ‘iwritewhoreads‘ versus my ‘ibakewhoeats‘ (among other things). Not too funny, bro. Please excuse our lameness (wow, this is a … Continue reading

Brown Sugar/Unrefined Sugar Popcorn (Vegan, Healthier Popcorn in 10 MINUTES)

I made POPCORN! . Uncaramelized . In 10 minutes. And yes, it includes caramelization time. . Of course I had to make it healthier. White sugar? PPPhhhffff… please use brown! Do yourself and your friends more good! I always feel guilty serving people unhealthy stuff (bakes laden in butter and tons of white sugar) –hence … Continue reading

What I Ate On Wednesday (7) WIAW

. My brother gave me some goodies! A Hershey’s Almond Milk Chocolate and some Iced Lemon Tea Sweets!!!! I love it when he gives me stuff. 🙂 We like to surprise each other. He got pizza last week. I’m a good sister. 😉 . On to this:  . My diet really has been relatively boring! A savoury … Continue reading

Healthier, Easy Fried Rice (with vegan option)

I’m annoyed. By a supposedly breakthrough invention called a cellphone. For what reason, you say. It opens up a world I’ll rather not face, a reality I rather not be part of my life. To some extent, it kind of has irritated me (badly). Okay, maybe not the cell phone part of the cell phone … Continue reading