What I Ate On Wednesday (7) WIAW


My brother gave me some goodies! A Hershey’s Almond Milk Chocolate and some Iced Lemon Tea Sweets!!!! I love it when he gives me stuff. 🙂 We like to surprise each other. He got pizza last week. I’m a good sister. 😉


On to this: 


My diet really has been relatively boring! A savoury meal and starchy-sweet other meals with desserty stuff in between.


I ate an entire loaf of this Mini Red Bean Loaf! Not all at one go, I split them between 2 mini meals. Its really the swirls and whole beans that attracted me. The unnatural yellow tinge that most probably came from a mixture of chemicals innocently named food colouring– not so much.


A highly photoshopped photo of the innards! 🙂 Still yellow after desaturation! But so soft and fluffy! That’s why I love bread… or the feeling of cotton in my mouth anyway ;-). Which reminds me! I saw this list yesterday: The 10 Most Bizarre Eating Disorder News Stories. One girl ate cigarette ashes because she loved the gritty texture. Another thought the foam inside sofas were delicious. Another ate soap and detergent. Just don’t get me going about the girl who ate her own scabs and stored the excess under her fingernails. Even more weird that she’s vegetarian. Nonetheless, the guy who ate glass shocked me the most. I could barely watch the video without grimacing. No way that I’ll do anything like that. Let’s just stick to bread, or cotton candy at the most, shall we? 🙂


Drink milk! Skim milk anyway. In a Hello Kitty cup. I don’t EVER want to grow up. Wanna use it FOREVER! My daddy bought it for me!


My favourite yogurt (recycled photo) though I had Mango flavour this time! The supermarket ran out of my strawberry ones! 😦


Wanton Noodles from a stall I’ve patronized since I was 6! After 12 years, the taste is still the same. The noodles are practically flawless but I don’t like the wanton filling and fatty sections of char siew much; they have this ‘porky’ smell I hate. Its also a very small serving for S$3! Haha. This is me nitpicking ’round stuff. 😉



What do you feel about those super-weird eating habits?? Ever done anything like that just for the fun of it when you were a kiddo who knew no better?

I tasted my own blood once! Licked my bleeding thumb because I learnt that vampires drank blood and was curious if it tasted good!!! My classmates in primary school ate pencil lead and eraser dust. My mum said it’ll make me dumb so I didn’t! 🙂


36 Responses to “What I Ate On Wednesday (7) WIAW”
  1. yum! i love your eats! especially that red bean bread! red bean is one of my favorites!
    and those r pretty weird eating habits…eating cigarette ashes is nasttt.

  2. That’s so interesting. I love the looks of that loaf though. Red bean things are so good!! I love the bao buns with that paste in the middle- mmmm
    That’s so sweet that you’ve gotten noodles from that one stall since you were a child! I’d definiately keep that sort of thing up. You could even write about it!
    Weird eating habits are not just strange, they can be unhealthy. I’m recovering from a regular ED, but those are just super strange. I knew a kid who used to sit next to me in elementary school and eat his crayons. gross.

  3. I love anything with red bean!!! Especially soft, fluffy bread!! 😀
    Eating cigarettes?! That sounds horrible. Though… I did ‘experiment’ with some things when I was younger. I know it sounds disgusting (it sounds horrible to me now!) but I tried eating pencil lead and paper once. Never again!

    • qiting93 says:

      AGREED!!! I think we sort of share the same mind! That came right out of my mind (except the pencil lead part)! 😀 I ate paper too! Its just too fibrous!!

  4. buttonss - Cherie says:

    Thats sweet that you and your brother buy each other little gifts.
    I wanna steal your HK cup. I’ve seen it around on ebay and have been meaning to buy one for myself.

  5. Yum! I love Hersheys milk chocolate with almonds! 🙂
    Haha I’ve tasted my own blood to once when I was a kid! 😛

  6. OMG Red bean bread!!! I live in a poor little town that can’t quite get good stuff like that! You make me miss home 😦 LOL. I think everyone had tasted your own booger, at least little boys sure did, don’t even pretend! LOL.

    • qiting93 says:

      Ok, I’ll admit it. I have. 😉 (tasted my booger) When I was at this stage where I wanted to know how everything tastes like. Totally OVER that stage now! 😀 *proud smile* 😀

  7. that bean loaf looks fantastic! chemicals or no. 🙂

  8. Carine says:

    That red bean bun looks yum! I used to eat buns all the time. Too much that my body started to react negatively (aka pimples), so I seldom buy buns now ..

  9. summerlilacs says:

    The loaf looks yummy!

  10. survivingcandyland says:

    OMG that hello kitty mug is amazing. I need to rock one of those. Give me all of this asian goodness pretty please. I am obsessed with all your food. It all looks delish.

  11. That mug is rather amazing… I want to get something adorable like that!

  12. Tine says:

    Hi girl,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message.
    Pasta made from zucchini wasn’t my idea, I saw it on several blogs. Just search for ‘zucchini spaghetti’, ‘zucchini pasta’ or ‘zucchini noodles’ in Google and you find a lot of sites. But it is such a great idea! I read you can make ‘pasta’ from a lot of veggies I want to try.
    You have to make it one day, it’s wonderful!

    • qiting93 says:

      Haha its doesn’t matter that it wasn’t your idea!! (I saw it on your blog first! So you’re still a genius 😉 ) I’ll definitely make it! But with cucumbers instead, zucchini’s really hard to find in Singapore and I heard cucumber is a great replacement! 😀

  13. Mmm… everything looks delicious. Super hungry now 😛
    I love how your blog brings more cultural foods into my ‘world-food-view’; that red bean loaf looks way too good.
    Thanks for dropping by on my blog (wooot!), and keep doing what you’re doing, I’ll be stopping by often as well!!

  14. beckafly says:

    Yum! Your eats all look good. I love the look and texture of the mini red lentil loaf. It looks really good (thought it was sushi when I saw a mini picture actually).

  15. I’m pretty sure ALL my eating habits are weird…and that I still eat like a kid.

    First thing that popped into my mind was my love for eating things with baby spoons…when I go out to get ice cream, I’ll eat with the sample/taster spoon rather than take a “real” one. 🙂

  16. lol hi says:

    you have a really cool brother.

  17. that noodle bowl looks soooo good! I’m really intrigued by the mini red bean loaf! looks so sticky sweet and awesome! yum xx

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