What I Ate On Wednesday (8) WIAW


I’m soo busy these days! In between my (very boring) studying, I fuse (and eat) leftovers from the weekend (cooked by my mum) into new dishes. And make dinner for my bro who now blogs at ‘iwritewhoreads‘ versus my ‘ibakewhoeats‘ (among other things). Not too funny, bro. Please excuse our lameness (wow, this is a word!!!!). Our blogs are now affiliated. How fun (not sarcasm, I do think its kinda fun 🙂 ).

Today, I had fried rice for lunch. Again.  The lady of the house tends to cook too much rice. Always.

It was curry-slash-briyani fried rice (yes, she cooked waaay too much curry too). The mish-mash of flavours was not exactly agreeable. But what the hell, its fried rice! How bad can it get? My dad said it tasted ‘okay’. Really, I’m no cook. Pass me a chunk of raw meat and I’ll disappear in a sec. Hand me raw liver/heart and I’ll throw up in your face. I stick with eggs and fried rice. With minimum oil. I have suffered way too many oil-splashes to enjoy cooking with oil. Note: it hurts. Like crazy.


Fudgsicles again! I got sick of yogurt 😦 Chocolate’s the remedy. ? Pretty soon, I’ll crave my yoplait yogurt again.


A cup of my favourite skim milk! Greenfields! I had the ‘Shop ‘n’ Save‘ housebrand version before and it was such a disappointment :-(.


And I made Chocolate Covered Katie’s Pumpkin bars!!! She gave an option of using agave syrup instead of sugar which would make the bars more cakey… which I thought would be more muffin-like so I made mine into muffins!! 😀


Please check out Katie’s original recipe here:


Her’s are gorgeous!!


I changed the ingredients slightly; added chocolate chips, chocolate paste and used maple syrup instead of the agave. The choco chips and paste would add roughly 70 calories to the 434 calories below (maple syrup wasn’t included in the calorie count below), bringing it to 504 calories for the entire batch. Not bad! 😀


(sorry for bad saturation!)


They were super moist and fluffy and to sum it up– I loved it!!! I ate 1/3 a batch (according to the above ingredients) + a blueberry bun (below) for dinner!


That’s it! I’m kind of cutting down the calories I’ve been eating. Because let me face it: I gotta diet and exercise. Its no fun.


Just curious: Do you read your sibling’s blog (if they/he/she have/has one) and do you link each other? 

I think its really fun to share the blogging world with my bro! Its kind of like our own little online ‘thing’ our parents can only just hear about and don’t have to interfere in 😀 


16 Responses to “What I Ate On Wednesday (8) WIAW”
  1. caloricandcrazy says:

    I’ve never tried a blueberry bun! I HAVE to look out for it 🙂
    but fried rice sounds sooo good right now…

  2. Love your Hello Kitty cup and the packaging of that blueberry bun – so cute 🙂 I think I really want one now, hehe. Looks very flaky and delish 🙂

    xoxo Mel

  3. Aww I love your hello kitty cup 🙂

    I feel so bad about your current situation. Have you tried seeing a dietitian? Sometimes they can be a big help. Good luck, and I think you’re beautiful either way 🙂

  4. The blueberry bun wrapper looks so cute!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I love blueberry with everything!
    Yes!! I make my brother read my blog!! HAHA just kidding;) He drools over what I eat…

  5. I couldn’t even focus on the rest of your post because the fudgesicle pop looked so delicious to me for some reason.

    Maybe just because it’s frozen chocolatey goodness? 🙂

  6. That’s awesome that you made those muffins. I’ve got to try some of those recipes sometimes.
    Improving your diet is easy, focus on veg and fruits but make sure to keep the fats and carbs in there. And protein! Basically just balance.
    Long walks also count as exercise 🙂

  7. You are your brother are so cute 🙂 LOL, well I link my friend’s post all the time so I’m sure if my sister have a blog I’m definitely linking her up.

    I have fried rice too this week! Ahhh, the perks of too much left over rice in the house…puhahaha

  8. Aww you and your brothers are so cute! I have got to be on the lookout for a blueberry bun! Yes please to that 🙂

  9. beautyinthebalance says:

    Those muffins look gorgeous! I could definitely go for one of those right now!

    I like that your blog and your brother’s blog are affiliated- it’s a really nice idea!

  10. loove the muffins! they look amazing–and so does the blueberry bun!
    hun, you don’t need to cut down on calories! you aare great the way you are!!
    and i wish my bro had a blog…he reads mine tho!

  11. Those muffins look yummy! 🙂 Aw, such a cute Hello Kitty mug! 😀
    I dont think you should go on a “diet”..its all about a lifestyle change! 🙂 Just focus on being healthy and your body will do the rest 😉
    Thats so cool that you and your brother have a blog! My brothers (or any family members) dont have a blog.. My parents and brothers know about my blog though 🙂

  12. Su says:

    Hey QiTing!
    your blog is really fun to read 🙂 by the way – are you living in singapore? Seems like the stuff you have and refer to is Singaporean… which I am too! Yay xD

    But I’ve been living in Sydney for the past 10 years haha. I miss Sg so much D: will be going back for CNY though!

    • qiting93 says:

      Yup! I’m in Singapore! Wow Sydney’s one of my ‘dream’ places to live in!

      • Su says:

        Ohhh awesome! Lucky you! That just makes this blog 10x more awesome haha.

        As much as I don’t mind living in Sydney, being in both worlds definitely has led me to preferring Singapore (if you can believe it haha!)

        The efficiency there is just so superior. And although a lot of people dislike the MoE, I have to say that Singaporean students are at a much higher level than here xD Like if you got an average student at an average school from sg to come here, that student would probably be top of the Sydney class. I’m serious!

        and the wonderful, glorious, cheap food in Singapore. ohmygosh.

        Ok enough of the rant. Just reminiscing! haha!

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