Raw High Protein Healthier Almost-Snickers (Vegan & Gluten Free)

I know its ugly. But trust me. It tastes good. Kind of like Snickers actually, but without the chocolate covering. I ran out of chocolate. Still wondering how that happened. Ugghh. I’m going to give you the recipe anyway. . Note: Please do not (or I hope you have not anyway) be shocked by the … Continue reading

What I Ate on Wednesday (11) WIAW

I hope you were wondering what I ate today because that’s what I’m going to tell you right now. Oh, you weren’t? Can you then at least sink your eyes into that carton of gorgeous dragon fruit that screams awesome? You surely can. Those are delicious, no doubt.  . PS: Have you checked out my new recipe … Continue reading

Single Serving Taiwanese Oyster-less Oyster Omelette 没蚵仔的蚵仔煎 (with Vegan option)

I sincerely apologise for the low quality pictures you’re about to see here! The best way to help yourself not miss a place is by having some signature food from that place. And so I made Taiwanese Oyster Omelette… without the oysters. I strongly despise the smell of raw oysters. Hence the oyster-less oyster omelette!! … Continue reading

Single Serving Cookie Dough Bowl (Quick, Vegan, Gluten-free and definitely healthy)

Did Christmas come early this year? Burned out by 4 successive days of crazy crazy exams, I decided to move my butt. Onto the bicycle’s seat. And headed out to my favourite supermart to grab some pantry staples. And then there was. I stepped into the mart to the music of “Jingle Bell Rock”– an … Continue reading

Today, I…

. Today, I… . conquered my General Paper with Logical Crap (maybe not conquered, rather, completed… ‘conquered’ has a positive connotation to it… let’s not get too optimistic about this…) . told my possibly-smoker-British marker of the GP paper that he’s gonna die (90% cancer probability) . sang praises for American prodigy Steve Jobs  . … Continue reading

What I Ate On Wednesday (10) WIAW

. My delivery from iHerb came today! My first parcel ever!!!! Its pretty cool. They packaged everything up pretty well. . I’m the kind of person who sticks a spoon inside a jar of ground peanuts and spoons it right into her mouth. And the kind who sprinkles it into practically every bake. How much … Continue reading