What I Ate On Wednesday (10) WIAW


My delivery from iHerb came today!

My first parcel ever!!!! Its pretty cool. They packaged everything up pretty well.


I’m the kind of person who sticks a spoon inside a jar of ground peanuts and spoons it right into her mouth. And the kind who sprinkles it into practically every bake. How much do I love peanut flour? Oh let me count the ways… Okay, there’s about a hundred. Maybe I shouldn’t count…


I also ordered a couple of freebies, a tiny bottle of clear Stevia (NuNaturals), some Atkins bars that supposedly have low GI and taste like Snickers.


On to WIAW:

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast was 1/3 of a sugar raisin pandan loaf (not shown) and a cup of (free sample) Dark Cocoa from iHerb with 10 drops of clear stevia! Boy was that dark cocoa bitter. Yikes. Thanks iHerb for the freebie, but no, I’m not a fan. (~400 kcal in total)


Mid-morning snack was a handful of grams (chickpeas?) with pretty good nutritional stats! I love these stuff! (~60 kcal)



Lunch: Home-cooked fried rice! With ham, garlic and cabbage. With another freebie from iHerb– Now Foods’ Pomegranate Berry, Sugar Free Drink Stick (~475 kcal in total)




Mid-afternoon snack: Mamee Noodle Snack! (122 kcal)



And finally dinner! Chocolate Cookie Dough Bowl! I almost couldn’t finish it! Really filling. (~480 kcal)


Weird, creepy picture!!!!!!

 Recipe soon with better pictures (hopefully)!



Do you have any recipes involving peanut flour (that does not also contain peanut butter)? Please share! 😀 Thanks!

22 Responses to “What I Ate On Wednesday (10) WIAW”
  1. I used to eat Mamee Monster all the time when I was in high school!!!! 😀
    Brings me back to my childhood….

  2. Your fried rice looks really tasty!

  3. AHHHHH Mamee Noodle snack was my fav when I was in elementary school!!! I had to hide when I eat it cause everyone always ask me can they have some lol. Mmm, never cooked with peanut butter flour before…I’m interested to see how you’re gona use it!!

  4. I have never even heard of Mamee Noodle! Sounds rather interesting though 🙂
    Happy WIAW!

  5. You know what QT? Don’t worry about your body. Been there, done that. It only bring bad days. Try to focus on what your body can do for you and what is inside. Like your personality. I love your blog. You take amazing pictures and you’re funny and kind. See? It helps. Feel free to reach out if you want ti talk!
    How do you get freebies from iherb? I’ve never ordered from there, but I’m thinking I’m going to need some peanut flour pretty soon. I really also want to try pandan. How does it taste? Maybe when I come to Taiwan next time….What is a cookie dough bowl? Excited!!
    also, don’t worry about eating peanut butter. the fat is actually really good for your brain and organs, it isn’t going to “make you fat” okay??
    happy WIAW darling.

    • qiting93 says:

      Thanks for saying that! You’re so sweet! 😀 Reading this was the highlight of my day! hee, I get freebies by just clicking the free products button and ordering just about every food-related thing in it. Pandan has complementary taste to coconut, but by itself… not so good!
      Happy WIAW!!!

  6. Sara Grambusch says:

    How funny, that peanut flour just arrived at my house too! I’m ready for that cookie dough recipe 🙂

  7. I loooove peanut flour! I like to mix it with water and make like a super high protein peanut butter, and then dip apple slices into it! haha

  8. Kiah says:

    Cookie dough bowl! Yuuumm!

  9. okay, u kno i’m in love with cookie dough, but i also have something more important to say: it breaks my heart to hear about how insecure you are about ur body. i think mostly because i’ve been there, and know how torturous it is to constantly berate urself. i also know how common it is, and that even the girls u think have perfect bodies have things they hate about themselves. i’ve gotten better, of course there are still things i don’t like about myself, but what has helped a LOT is that i focus more on what i can do with my body. running has helped me a lot, and i take pride and confidence in what i can do…and u are an awesome person no matter what. so, i’ll step off my little soap box, but just wanted to say that we all have insecurities, but that i kno u are beautiful without even looking at u. XOXO 🙂

  10. Yay for getting packages! I LOVE getting packages from iHerb and think its so awesome that they send a free sample or two with every package. Yum, I got peanut flour a few weeks ago and love it! It’s also good for baking!

  11. Carine says:

    Glad to hear that your peanut flour has reached you 🙂 I should get the 1kg likes yours next time! I need to place some orders pretty soon. I’ve never tried those free drink packs that they sent…still have 3-4 packs and the latest one was that dark cocoa thingy.. I ordered stevia powder last year but have seldom used it as I can’t get along with stevia taste …

    • qiting93 says:

      Those free drink packets taste like medicine! Ick! I can’t quite get along with the stevia taste either! But the ones in tiny bottles are much much better in taste! Less stevia taste there! I bought the NuNaturals one from iHerb! 😀

  12. Meg says:

    I adore your blog 🙂

    Peanut flour is awesome for pancakes! I make them with peanut flour and coconut flour combined!

  13. Jenny says:

    dying for that cookie dough recipe :)!! can’t wait!

  14. Siang says:

    Hi Qiting, Love your blog, you’re really a passionate baker and I would love to invite you to join World Homebakers Alliance. 🙂

    My mission is to
    – Unite every passionate homebakers in this planet.
    – Making them the preferred choice (compare to factory products) by the consumers.

    Please join us and improve homebaking.


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