Best of 2011: Happy New Year!

This year hasn’t been exactly the perfect year. There’s no such thing as a perfect year, fyi.  I learnt that I shouldn’t be stupidly doing someone else’s job, which got me mild to medium enmity from irresponsible, lazy counterparts. I figured my life is owned by me and not by things I don’t want to be part … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Povitica (Vegan, Reduced Fat & Whole Wheat)

I have been watching ‘Lizzie McGuire’.  And conducting detailed research of what happened to the main characters:  Hilary Duff is now pregnant and has a smaller head. I still love her voice. Adam Lamberg : MIA Lalaine looks pretty much the same and she has been singing. That’s cute.  Jake Thomas grew out his hair … Continue reading

Low Fat Yellow Cake with Sesame Soy Cream

. I watched this today with a good friend of mine: (Source) . No, you’re not in for yet another lecture from me (honestly, do I lecture you?? I don’t, do I? I’m not going to lecture you. Stop worrying.) I actually only watched it because 小鬼(黄鸿升)was in it. My brother has a lot to say about … Continue reading

What I Ate on Wednesday (13) WIAW

. I’m a hazard to myself. I dunk piles of chili onto my rice knowing it would give me a bad stomachache and runny nose. (Its delicious.) I ride my bike along the road at maximum speed knowing its dangerous. (Try it! But of course make sure the road is empty) I swim in a … Continue reading

Magical Cinnamon Rolls w Vegan Option (Low Fat & Whole Wheat)

If you’ve never seen a fluffy, wholewheat, sticky, gooey cinnamon roll, I have a question for you: . . . Who are you??? . Crawl out of that cocoon you’re living in right now. . And stare. . You’re looking at it. . Fluffy. Gooey. Soft. Sticky. Yum. Who knew it would be whole wheat? … Continue reading

What I Ate on Wednesday (12) WIAW

Remember My Brother’s 11 (Really) Stupid (but perhaps logical) Rules for Harmonious Living? You have no idea how true that list is. Here’s mine. My 8 (Really) Stupid (but perhaps logical) Rules Beliefs (?) for Harmonious Living . Yellow always looks best Never waste time not doing anything, i.e. staring into thin air (sleeping is not counted unless its … Continue reading

Low Fat Two-Tone Cheese Tart (w vegan option)

If only Santa were real (little kids who happen to chance upon this post, sorry for breaking your innocent little hearts). But there still is God. I think He already knows what we want and tries to give us some of our wishes too. Still, my mum always reminds me that we still have to tell … Continue reading

Best Muffins Ever! (w Vegan option, also low fat and whole wheat)

This girl hates shopping… for clothes.  Hours of absolute boredom. Feet swollen. And 500 bucks later, the lady of the house got me enough clothes to fill up my wardrobe (which she had so nicely emptied out).  Feigned enthusiasm got back genuine enthusiasm from the lady of the house who happily declared how ugly I was and … Continue reading

Easiest Ice Cream Ever (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Its the easiest ice-cream ever! And yes, its chocolate ice- cream. Yes, again. . Cocoa helps in decreasing blood pressure and improving blood vessel health boosts one’s appetite, but does not cause weight gain makes one live almost a year longer  releases endorphins in the brain, which act as pain-relievers The flavonoids act as antioxidants … Continue reading

Green Tea Cake For Christmas (Fat Free)

Put on your reading glasses and get out a pen and notepad because you need to get ready for this… . My Brother’s 11 (Really) Stupid (but perhaps logical) Rules for Harmonious Living . Mum is always right, even if she’s actually wrong You must always be home on time for your favourite TV programme … Continue reading