Failed Macarons– Round 3



Macarons and I have the dumbest love-hate relationship. I love the challenge of making and the not-very-challenging activity of eating them. But I hate it when the stupid macarons crack/sink/refuse to leave the lovely parchment paper. Dumb macarons.

I would like to say I almost succeeded this time. After all, THEY GREW FEET! Now they can stand on their own 😉 But they were a failure.

The egg whites were leftover from the CNY pastry-baking. I made the macarons with peanut flour instead of almond flour.


The completed meringue. I flipped the bowl upside down and the meringue didn’t move at all.


The macronage. 


This is the prettiest one I got. But its far from perfect.



It has weird airy tops that burst!


Look at these (the ugliest ones; I took away all the ‘prettier’ ones)


Barney Stinson would say: “Awf-some”. 


One Response to “Failed Macarons– Round 3”
  1. Hey, at least you learn from your mistakes.. right? 🙂 Sometimes when I try recipes they dont turn out at all either..

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