What I Ate on Wednesday (18) WIAW

WIAW is the perfect chance for me to test out my new Canon EOS 1100 / Canon Rebel T3 one of the most affordable DSLRs on the market. The previous camera I used was actually my mum’s and beginning this year, she has to bring it to work everyday so I figured its time to get my own.


But no, I didn’t eat much veggies.


A typical Singapore breakfast of fried rice noodles and yellow noodles, topped with complementary veggies and eggs.


3 mini  toblerone dark chocolate bars and a white bean bun to satify my sweet tooth. My brother bought them but absolutely hated their taste. Now they’re mine.


Rice with stir fried cabbage, stir fried heng cai and fried pork with potatoes.


Cleaned Egg Shells


My SGD$10 watch


My mum’s notes


These photographs definitely took less time to edit!


2 Responses to “What I Ate on Wednesday (18) WIAW”
  1. anna says:

    that is a great camera, isn’t it? your photos are looking great. i’m drooling over those noodles and that fried pork and cabbage!!

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