Self-Saucing Milk Tea Pie 巧克力奶茶派



I swear I’m trying to change myself. Become more innocent than I already am (near-dumb kind), be a very very nice person, pray more, eat less junk, do more exercise, be less sarcastic and therefore less entertaining, be neater and more organised, blah blah blah. You might also want to know  my plan’s not exactly working. Not that I have one to begin with. I have a guideline (see 2nd sentence). Obviously guidelines are always overlooked. That’s the reason they are guidelines and not rules. Nonetheless, in an effort to become a better person, i once again embarked on the tedious task of tidying up the rubbish dump that is my room. Since I’ve confirmed that I passed ‘A’ levels, all the ‘A’ level stuff either went to my bro’s bookshelves or into bags to go to my bro’s best friend. Its kind of neat, at least according to my unique definition of ‘neat’. That makes one person who thinks my room is neat. 1 task down. The rest to go!

So today I made a weird pie. Chocolate sauce not-so-mysteriously flows out of the pie onto your plate. Make sure you have a not-so-flat plate or ants will be having the chocolate instead of you.


*I pressed the crust into the mold with the bottom of the very clean cake tin.



And this ‘pictures’ thing? I’m working on it, alright? Practicing! Its difficult but I hope I’ll get there.


You might want to know that the meringue tastes like melt-in-the-mouth marshmallows, and the strawberries are absolutely essential for that additional sweet-and-sour tang.



And here you go with the recipe. 

*if crust mixture is too dry (barely comes together), add 10g of melted butter at a time.


😀 Till next time. Or to be precise, next post. 



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