Oreo Coffee Cream Layered Cake for One (with the Perfect vegan Whipped Cream)

I’ve been up to so many crazy stuff these days. Like making my idiotic right arm more horrible than it already is (I think its badly sprained), convincing my brother that a B in Math (for ‘A’ levels) means I’m incapable of helping him with his math homework, sulking over the gold dye (for highlights) that left my hair with barely visible red streaks (not complaining about the red), studying for a very important test, wondering whether I’ll get my driving instructor killed (worst case scenario), thinking about blue highlights, filling up university applications and more. Somewhere in between, I finally (!!!) found some time to bake and experiment to get a perfect tofu whipped cream. With one hand because I’m afraid of furthering injuring the hand which is disgustingly swollen. Its one of those times I wish I don’t have Erb’s Palsy. I’m sort of scared that one day I won’t be able to use it anymore. Sort of. 

You probably think its weird that I dumped Oreos and coffee into the same cake. Rest assured I don’t promote the activity of poisoning. I’m all for the caffeine and sugar boost. 


Unfortunately, I have the frosting skills of a 4 year old. You can tell, I’m sure.

Nonethless, don’t let my horrible frosting skills deter you from trying this whipped cream! I swear you won’t be disappointed and I don’t do promises like this often (because results vary sometimes but this is so easy! The secret to this whipped cream is the fresh extra firm tofu (NOT silken) and lemon juice. Its stable, creamy, tastes so unhealthy, VEGAN, gluten free, raw, costs much less than regular whipped cream (in Singapore anyway), is so easy to make, you don’t even have to whip it and basically everything normal people love about whipped cream. I’ll never ever buy regular whipped cream again. Why purchase some when you can have this?

NOTE: for recipe, you will have lots of tofu whipped cream left over. Quarter the recipe if you know you won’t need any whipped cream in the next 3 days.


Yeah, I consume cakes layer-by-layer. That’s the point of them being layered cakes. I’m not weird; I just have an exotic way of swallowing layered pieces of cake. 



Take a look at my DIY mini cake stand (for cakes serving 1-3). For someone who usually handles flour instead of glue, cardboards and tape, it felt odd. My clumsy hands made it crooked. Not on purpose of course.

The ribbons are scraps I found around the house. The round top is made of round cake boards and the ‘pyramid’ stand is actually 2 stacked Styrofoam cups. 


Sadly, its now time to part. Sarcasm comes in handy at this time because words sound genuine.


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