Strawberry Mirror Cake (No fat added!)

A couple days ago, I made this strawberry mirror cake. Its awesome and so good even without butter, oil, margarine, etc. 


Strawberry Mirror  adapted from Blessed Homemaker.

You can make this vegan by using a vegan sponge/white/yellow cake.

Enjoy your week… and have some cake! 😀


  1. I just chanced upon your blog and your pictures are SO nice and pretty! You are really creative I love it ^^ I cannot believe you’re only 18!!!!!!! This cake looks really nice. (: Is the cake too wet when you eat it though? The crumbs look like they are wet/sticking together. Just wondering!!! Never stop baking please! I am gonna bookmark this page now!

  2. This looks beautiful! But Gelatin isn’t vegan. It’s not even vegetarian, it’s made out of animal bones 😦 But I’m still on the look out for vegan jello! And this still looks SO tasty 🙂

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