Sorry for being absent!

A couple of posts ago, a few months ago, I told you I’ll be leaving Singapore. 

And I have. In the past three months, I’ve baked nothing, cooked nothing, and yet my brain crushes me with constant thoughts about baking and cooking. Sometimes creative food ideas keep popping up in my head just as I’m lying on my bed, ready to jump into dreams of living in large glasshouses with amazing built-in ovens and baking equipment, and I hop out of bed to jot them down. (Insomnia, guys. Not a good thing.) My hands are itching. I see a bun and I think, “I want to make this matcha flavored with chocolate-and-red-bean-mousse inside”. I see a slice of cake and I immediately dissect the layers in my mind and imagine how I would have made it. 

Sometimes, I think I must be crazy. But I guess its just passion, and a deep love.

Would I give up medicine for a successful career for baking? If asked the question last year, I would have said no. But today, I know for sure it is a “yes”. My parents would kill me, my friends would think I’m weird. I may make it onto the news. 

But for now the plan is this: complete my studies and then bake while I work. I know it can be done. There will be time as long as I make space for it. 

I’ll be back in Singapore soon for the holidays (about 3 weeks?) so look out for more posts soon! (Hopefully,  my baking and photography skills haven’t horrendously degraded!)

To those who have sent me emails, I’m really sorry!!! I’ve been busy with all the dumb studying and haven’t taken the time to reply. Don’t worry, I’ll never quit, even if not a single person reads my blog. 

2 Responses to “Sorry for being absent!”
  1. Carolina says:

    Hello there! I’ve been reading your blog for not a long time, and I’ve fell in love with it, you bake ART! ❤
    I don't know if I got it right, but I understood you study medicine, if that is right, we are in the same situation, I study medicine, and I'm in love with painting and drawing, and everytime I see a piece of art I start to imagine the technique the artist used and how I would have done it myself.. sometimes I wonder the same as you, should I give up med? but I get to the same exact conclusion as you. haha!

    You have a beatiful blog and talent! Keep it up 😀


    • qiting93 says:

      Wow, Carolina. Thanks for stopping by. I’m really happy to hear from you. Its so rare to see medical students with passions outside of the medical profession and studying. Being creative is a blessing! I hope there are more people out there like us too! Keep me updated about everything. I’ll being reading your blog! 😀 (And thank you for your kind comments! :D)

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