Carrot Cake Buns w Cream Cheese filling (Vegan and Almost fat-free)

– Dear Eraser, Remember when we first started our journey together? You were long and clean. You were there. I was desperate for you. You relieved my teachers of my eyesore of a handwriting. You granted their eyesights no damage whatsoever and helped me to continue my streak as a downright perfectionist. You were loyal. … Continue reading

Low Calorie Choco-Cookie-Dough Spread

– Pancake batter? – – Wait…Cake batter? – – No? Then it must be Chocolate cake batter! – – Ah HA! I know I know! Cookie dough?! – Its… COOKIE DOUGH SPREAD…!!!! oh well… CHOCOLATE Cookie Dough Spread… – – Lol. I’m starting to sound like a commercial. . . Cookie Dough Spread No. of … Continue reading

Rainbow Layered Sponge Cake

You  read the post title and you must have thought I was kidding. A rainbow cake? Fat-free? Seriously? Well, exquisite as the title may sounds, my Rainbow Layered Sponge Cake is not exquisite. Its rather simple with little frosting (which actually is just custard cream) and batter but it takes much patience and good technique. But the problem … Continue reading

Banana bonanza– Chocolate Banana Custard Jam!

I LOVE CHOCOLATE BANANA JAM! I hate bananas. But I love bananas… … with chocolate Like most other mums, my mum has sort of a set of ‘beliefs’ that she parents by. Not rules, but kinda… just, well, beliefs. Anyway, among them is that smart kids become smart because they eat bananas and walnuts. And that … Continue reading

Disgustingly Delicious Coffee Bread

Guess what I’m here for today? Well, its all in good will to persuade you that this bitter-ish ugly looking coffee bread actually is the best thing that has come out of my oven since I started baking when I was 12. Its healthy… as usual. I may be a bit biased though… my favourite … Continue reading

YUMMY Yam Swirl Bread

As I walked towards school that faithful morning, the sweet, refreshing, lovely aroma of yeast-and-sugar-and-flour… oh…oh…that heavenly smell I wished I could bottle up to form some airspray (or sth similar)… swam into my nose, tempting me to inch my way into the old-school bakery. “Boss, your bread is so good! Please! Take me as … Continue reading

Banana Bonzanza- Custard Banana Minis

Custard Banana Minis Ingredients (Dough) Dough from Monkey bread 1  portion   (Topping) Skim milk 8 tbs Custard powder 2 tbs Brown sugar 1 tbs  – – Instructions: In a small bowl, mix all topping ingredients to form a smooth watery mixture. To test, lift some with a spoon and drip them into the bowl … Continue reading

Fragrant Taiwanese style Red- Bean paste

Fragrant Taiwanese style Red-Bean paste Ingredients: 500g adzuki red beans 500ml water Red sugar (adjust to your taste) Steps Wash adzuki beans while picking out ‘rotted’ ones leave to soak overnight change water and bring to boil repeat step 3 reduce the flame smash beans with a large ladle (its okay to still see whole … Continue reading