Self-Saucing Milk Tea Pie 巧克力奶茶派

. I swear I’m trying to change myself. Become more innocent than I already am (near-dumb kind), be a very very nice person, pray more, eat less junk, do more exercise, be less sarcastic and therefore less entertaining, be neater and more organised, blah blah blah. You might also want to know  my plan’s not … Continue reading

What I Ate on Wednesday (12) WIAW

Remember My Brother’s 11 (Really) Stupid (but perhaps logical) Rules for Harmonious Living? You have no idea how true that list is. Here’s mine. My 8 (Really) Stupid (but perhaps logical) Rules Beliefs (?) for Harmonious Living . Yellow always looks best Never waste time not doing anything, i.e. staring into thin air (sleeping is not counted unless its … Continue reading

An Experiment: Low Fat (Vegan) 3-Layer Cookie Dough Bars

What would Gordon Ramsay say? My brother loves Gorden Ramsay. He’s cool. Like a chef version of Simon Cowell, but nicer. And really cute sometimes. 🙂 I made these bars today as an experiment to get perfect cookie dough bars. These are not perfect. I’ll continue experimenting after my exams. I always bake after a … Continue reading