What I Ate on Wednesday (13) WIAW

. I’m a hazard to myself. I dunk piles of chili onto my rice knowing it would give me a bad stomachache and runny nose. (Its delicious.) I ride my bike along the road at maximum speed knowing its dangerous. (Try it! But of course make sure the road is empty) I swim in a … Continue reading

What I Ate On Wednesday (4) WIAW

– Have you ever wondered what your future will be? I do. Every. Day. Remember when you were a kid? Did you ever think how you would turn out? I thought about it all the time. I couldn’t wait to escape the life I had. Maybe its just me. When I was 10, I begged … Continue reading

What I Ate on Wednesday (3) WIAW

– Like my desk? Yup, its incredibly messy. – – Dessert: Fudgesicle  – (Recycled photo from my 1st WIAW) I had a breakfast of something like this but in a lighter combination of: Brown Rice (YAYness), curry vegetables, vegetarian soy char siew and black pepper cauliflowers. I forgot to take a picture of it! – … Continue reading