Single Serving Fluffy 100% Wholewheat Mocha-Choco-Muffin Pancakes (Fat-free and vegan)

– HELLO fellow human beings! Today was BAD. I failed my (short) experiment with gluten free chocolate cupcakes. But, hey, its okay not to get it right the first time, isn’t it? It was terrible taste-wise. Too much baking soda, too little sugar. BUT texture-wise, it was AWESOME. It had the exact texture of full-fat … Continue reading

Single Serving Yeasted Chocolate Cornmeal WW Pancakes

What? Another post? – Yes. Beacause I’ll be on hiatus until next Friday. I’m having my March Common Tests you see… – I made these for brunch today! Mini Chocolate Cornmeal Whole Wheat pancakes enough to satisfy a furious chocolate craving. – – You’ll love it. – Because just like everyone else, – You love … Continue reading

Pancake Hearts (for a fat-free Valentine)

I was just looking for a super quick breakfast that was both nutritious and looks and tastes delicious. Something that I love. – In the form of these delicious pancakes. – – –   – yeah I’m a fan of President Obama – Healthy Apple/Banana Pancakes Adapted from Green Light Bites SERVES 1 (for a … Continue reading