Raw High Protein Healthier Almost-Snickers (Vegan & Gluten Free)

I know its ugly. But trust me. It tastes good. Kind of like Snickers actually, but without the chocolate covering. I ran out of chocolate. Still wondering how that happened. Ugghh. I’m going to give you the recipe anyway. . Note: Please do not (or I hope you have not anyway) be shocked by the … Continue reading

Brown Sugar/Unrefined Sugar Popcorn (Vegan, Healthier Popcorn in 10 MINUTES)

I made POPCORN! . Uncaramelized . In 10 minutes. And yes, it includes caramelization time. . Of course I had to make it healthier. White sugar? PPPhhhffff… please use brown! Do yourself and your friends more good! I always feel guilty serving people unhealthy stuff (bakes laden in butter and tons of white sugar) –hence … Continue reading

Brown Sugar Caramelized Nuts (low sugar)

– My A levels are coomming! And I’m really really scared! 😦 Will blog really little for the next 5 months. Sorry! (To this blog, to me and to YOU who like to read me) – . Brown Sugar Caramelized Nuts No. of servings: 8 . . Ingredients 50g brown sugar 125g almonds/walnuts/cashew nuts 1 tbsp sesame … Continue reading