Decadent Milo Layer CakeDecadent Milo Layer Cake
Hazelnut Opera Cake
Hazelnut Opera Cake
Pierre Herme’s Cheesecake, Blueberryfied Pierre Herme’s Cheesecake, Blueberryfied

Sesame Chocolate EntremetSesame Chocolate Entremet




Matcha Black Sesame Entremet with White Sesame Nougatine

B-Caraibe (A Vanilla-Chocolate-Banana Entremet)


Like A Sachertorte


Fudgy Chocolate Cake with Nutella Frosting and Cheescake Filling

*Marbled Pound Cake with Perfected Mock ‘Buttercream’ (Whole Wheat, Low Fat & w Vegan option)


*Best Muffins Ever (Vegan, Whole Wheat and Low Fat)

*Cocoa Cinnamon Streusal Banana Cake


*Healthified Banana Coffee Cake with Cinnamon-Chocolate Chip Streusel


A Rich Fat Free Chocolate Cake


Fat Free Banana Sponge Cake

Steamed Chocolate Cake





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