Bread Pudding Tart with Brown Sugar Crumble (low fat & whole wheat)

Dear Barney, or Mr Stinson (Recovering Mentally Unsound human being, Whatever you prefer I call you),

You’re handsome, hot, surprising sensitive, sometimes hilariously dumb, an insult to Barney the Dinosaur (since you two share the same name), terribly rich, gorgeously well-dressed and would totally win a Girls’ Choice Award. Unfortunately, I chanced upon your patent for “back boobs”. Seeing that its an atrociously disgusting idea, I take back everything I said.

Yours sincerely,
Representative of all who are grossed out by your warped ideas.

*wrote this draft last week but didn’t want to waste it. sorry if he took back the idea.
only if. 



This Bread Pudding Tart enriched with cinnamon, the nuttiness of whole wheat flour, addictive crunchy brown sugar crumble and hints of apple is one of my most favorite creations. It may look not at all appealing, but be rest assured that its as flavorful as I described. Topped with custard-y vanilla goodness, its hard to resist!


recipe notes:

Tart Crust is adapted from: 2至4人, 低脂轻量蛋糕甜点
author: 小欣子 

Brown Sugar Crumble ia adapted from: Crusta Bakes

Bread Pudding is adapted from: All Recipes

Vanilla Sauce is adapted from Oven Haven

brown sugar crumble: 46g whole wheat flour 70g whole wheat flour



  1. Janine says:

    the idea of a bread pudding tart sounds AND looks super good! love how brown and enticing your crumble is!

    and i was wondering out of all the vegan buttercream/frosting that you’ve featured on your blog, which is your fave? I’m hoping to try one out for this layered cake that i have and can’t decide which to use!

    1. qiting93 says:

      Thanks Janine! My favourite frosting is this one: Its more like a whipped cream frosting but with tofu instead, you can omit the coffee powder and use whatever you want instead (e.g. matcha, cocoa powder, etc.) 😀

      1. Janine says:

        thanks for the quick reply! and if i want plain old vanilla cream? Will the tofu taste be overwhelming? btw, what brand of tofu do you use? 😉 and you write that the veg shortening is optional – what does it do to the cream actually? thanks! 😀

        1. qiting93 says:

          I use unicurd extra firm tofu. The taste won’t be overwhelming if you add enough lemon juice (same as that stated in the recipe). Vegetable shortening is solid at room temperature so when added to the recipe, the frosting will be more stable at room temperature. Without the shortening, the frosting will be less stable. 😀

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