Skinny Chilli Cheese Fries

I thought about making fries. After the episode of absolutely shitty Aston fries last week (talk about a greasy, tasteless, gross mess of potato strips), I dreamt of crunchy, non- greasy, tempura-like, garlicky, peppery potato chunks. Topped with nacho cheese, spring onions and even chilli. And then I found the perfect fries at The Purple … Continue reading

Single Serving Taiwanese Oyster-less Oyster Omelette 没蚵仔的蚵仔煎 (with Vegan option)

I sincerely apologise for the low quality pictures you’re about to see here! The best way to help yourself not miss a place is by having some signature food from that place. And so I made Taiwanese Oyster Omelette… without the oysters. I strongly despise the smell of raw oysters. Hence the oyster-less oyster omelette!! … Continue reading

What I Ate On Wednesday (8) WIAW

. I’m soo busy these days! In between my (very boring) studying, I fuse (and eat) leftovers from the weekend (cooked by my mum) into new dishes. And make dinner for my bro who now blogs at ‘iwritewhoreads‘ versus my ‘ibakewhoeats‘ (among other things). Not too funny, bro. Please excuse our lameness (wow, this is a … Continue reading

Healthier, Easy Fried Rice (with vegan option)

I’m annoyed. By a supposedly breakthrough invention called a cellphone. For what reason, you say. It opens up a world I’ll rather not face, a reality I rather not be part of my life. To some extent, it kind of has irritated me (badly). Okay, maybe not the cell phone part of the cell phone … Continue reading

What I Ate on Wednesday (2) WIAW

I should be getting use to this. A total of 10 years waking up to shouting (lady of the house) and frustrated sighs (dad), the fear it always arouses… 10 years. Yep. I should have  gotten used to this. A few years ago, I refused to get out of my room because of it. Door … Continue reading

Thai Fried Instant Noodles (no oil and vegan)

Remember my eraser? – – I took some pictures of it while crashing my brother’s room. Below: Me and my bro when I was 6. My brother was a sucker for superheroes… still is at 16. He went through a ‘Powerpuff Girls’ phase, a ‘Popeye’ phase (which used up tons of spinach… literally), a ‘Batman’ … Continue reading

99% Fat-Free Wholegrain (Singaporean) Chicken Rice (with Vegan option)

Hi MUFFINS! Been really busy with studying (and recovering from studying) these few days. In between the fun, I tried to relax, granting myself some baking/cooking therapy (more cooking and flipping pancakes than baking). And then, back to the business of cellulose, acetylcholine, synapses, 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine, vectors, recurrence and so on. Fun? Try the opposite. 😦 BUT. Real … Continue reading

The best memories– that make me go wordless

My favourite place on Earth     Can you guess where this is?

Fat- free Curry “Potato Wedges”

Is potato a vegetable? – – I seriously have no idea. Its starchy. Vegetables are supposed to have tons of fibre… – Just came back from watching the class of 2010 getting their A level results and it felt so so weird. Imagine. Just that month of you life that you spent taking your A … Continue reading

Easy Tom Yum Porridge= a bowl of love

At age 8, I stared down at the table while my best friend showered me with eraser dust. 5 minutes later, I was standing in front of the mirror in the toilet weeping, staring at my tear-stained face, trying to get the eraser dust out of my hair. Later I locked myself in a cubicle … Continue reading